• Export planning & Execution

    We work closely with our clients to develop export plans that best meet their goals, maximises opportunities and addresses challenges each distinct market presents.

Shibumi has experience and detailed knowledge of various product categories and EU markets, aided by our network of experts who we bring into projects as required to boost market and/or sector specific expertise.

Our export plans relate to:

  • Identification of the most opportune routes to market
  • Product specification, product variants or localisation, packaging and branding
  • New product development if required
  • Product fulfilment, inventory and supply chain considerations
  • Establishing and maintaining compliance with relevant Standards and regulations
  • Developing market positioning, USP’s, cashflow forecasts, pricing strategy and project plans, as required.

We help ensure that profitable, sustainable business is built, at minimum risk.

Export Commitment

  • Mission statement
  • Export objectives

Market Entry

  • Route to market
  • Marketing plan: positioning,pricing & promotion strategy


  • Activities & time schedule
  • Review & growth planning

Market & Internal Analysis

  • SWOT, Gap Analysis, USP, VP
  • Product/service refinement & selection
  • Capability, capacity, compliance

Financial Analysis

  • Financial feasibility assessment
  • Budgeting: NPD, IP, production, packaging, logistics, marketing, insurance & compliance costs, etc.

Manage Export Sales

Export sales development is part of our core service offering and includes:

  • Identifying & evaluating channels
  • Creating database of suitable buyers
  • Contacting buyers and generating leads
  • Representation at trade shows
  • Supporting or leading buyer meetings
  • Managing sales and buyer relationships

We also support the development of marketing materials:

  • Convincing sales pitch presentations
  • Quality translations into EU languages
  • POS material
  • Manage social media activities