• Define NPD Requirements

    Never assume that because a product/service does well in Ireland it will also succeed in export markets

New Product Development Process

Shibumi works on product innovation projects:

  • where the product is export-oriented, targeted at the most discerning EU markets
  • where there is patent potential.

Opportunity Discovery – Systematic Innovation

  • During the discovery phase we have a range of proven tools to draw from, including TRIZ & Design Thinking that help us identify the right problem to solve to then find the best solution for that problem.
  • Our preference is to work jointly with our clients, typically in multi-disciplinary idea generation workshops, as our experience has shown that this approach to innovation achieves the best results.

Our experience is that successful product development:

  • Delivers against a clearly-specified requirement grounded in high quality market research
  • Is informed and protected by patent management
  • Complies with relevant and de-facto Standards
  • Targets a realistic sector-specific gross margin
  • Is performed rapidly, by small motivated teams using agile methods
  • Shibumi undertakes and/or directs agile NPD in collaboration with its clients, using the best available design and simulation technology, R&D prototypes and quality test equipment.
  • Led by Tony, Shibumi’s engineering focus is delivering remarkable products, while minimising technical and commercial risk.
Opportunity Discovery


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